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Suomi PM criticizes dagger associates’s gold handclasp: organ

Port Suomi Ruler Juha Sipila has criticized a 1.5 billion euro aureate handshaking delineated to the ex- foreman chief executive of vexed blade society Outokumpu (Abroad1V.HE), adding that payment policies in state-owned companies liking alteration.

“I consider that (1.5 zillion euros) is super. Indemnification should be supported on how the companionship is later,” Sipila, himself a erstwhile telecommunication manager, supposed according to the on the internet printing of Helsingin Sanomat broadsheet.

Outokumpu, Accumulation’s main stainless fabricator and 26 percentage owned next to the position, early that period rucksack its CEO Mika Seitovirta who had unsuccessful to construct the condensed cost-effective in quadruplet existence.

According to his obligation from 2011, Seitovirta longing incline a biennial wage in complaisance with the management’s approach from 2009 on the subject of state-owned companies.

“We are growing to reduce these as we update our state-ownership policy afterward twelvemonth,” Sipila told the weekly.

Suomi is stalled in a three-year stagnation, and Sipila has urged citizens to encounter a “frequent vitality of mend” as he has stepped up with cuts in workers’ benefits to aid the nation’s import aggressiveness.

The status owns heavy wager in 15 recorded companies, including newspaper creator Stora Enso (STERV.HE), substitute Fortum (FUM1V.HE) and refiner Neste (NESTE.HE), and the companies’ policies again ripen into national.

Early that yr, the regulation plugged a remunerate get up in behalf of Fortum scantling brothers right to concerns that the enlarge would give every indication cheating to recession-hit citizens.

(Action next to Jussi Rosendahl, writing by means of King Anatomist)

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