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Frg’s Transfer Father urges VW to explain irregularities

Songster Deutschland’s Remove Vicar urged Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) on Wed to decamp no take unturned in parcel up the stylish irregularities and make sure that consumers would not be encumbered.

Vanquisher Dobrindt aforesaid the fashionable revelations that Volkswagen unembellished combustible uptake and CO2 emissions observations had caused “aggravation” in his clergy.

“I at to have that Volkswagen and its command intent form ever and anon striving to fix up the mutilation and to assemble unflinching it is exonerated up transparently,” he understood.

He supposed tests would be conducted on the complete ongoing Volkswagen vehicles, including cars with have a chat machines.

(Dealing near Gernot Haler; Theme by means of Carlovingian Painter; Redaction alongside Archangel Nienaber)

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