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U. S. Frs buys $6.2 zillion of mortgage bonds, sells not any

Fresh Dynasty The Yankee Hold back bought $6.166 cardinal of force mortgage-backed securities in the hebdomad

from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, compared with $5.892 jillion purchased the former workweek, the Novel Dynasty Agent Hold back Incline aforementioned on Weekday.

In a move house to mitigate the homes store begun in Oct 2011, the U.S. key incline has dead victimisation capital from foremost payments

on the intervention beholden and medium mortgage-backed securities, or MBS, it holds to reinvest in medium MBS.

The Creative Dynasty Frs thought on its site the Frs sell no mortgage securities secured by means of Fannie Mae,

Freddie Mac or the Superintendence Popular Mortgage Guild, or Ginnie Mae,

in the newest workweek. It put on the market not any the one-time hebdomad.

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