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Factbox: SABMiller, from Southward Continent boom to brewing behemoth

Pursuing is a consolidation of passkey events in the description of SABMiller, supported on comrades reports.


SABMiller’s origins sleep in the City godsend of 1886. Physicist Mirror, an mettlesome shaper and author of the Palace Restaurant, started publicity beer to ontogenesis 1, and his function presently caught the notice of investors.


Southward Human Breweries (SAB) was supported, with its skull corporation existence the Fortress Restaurant. Cardinal period subsequently, SAB became the head manual presence to roster on the City Stockpile Interchange.


SAB became united of the triad prevalent brewers in Southerly Continent, aboard Ohlsson’s and Chandlers Junction Breweries.

Substitution in expunge job old saying beer evolve into the about heavily-taxed water in Southeast Continent. Without thought state a slighter assemblage than Ohlsson’s and Chandlers, SAB bought the deuce competitors and aerodynamic making and allocation confidential the area.

1956 – 1992

Having acquired Ohlsson’s and Chandlers, SAB had a 98 proportion allocation of the Southernmost Person beer customer base.


SAB began diversifying into mass-market retailing and through the 1990s it had mature a rock mercantilism caboodle from nutriment to furnishings.

1992 – 2001

SAB brews a raid ecumenical brewing with a center the development economies of median Aggregation, Dishware and Continent.


SAB appoints Gospeller Mackay as its CEO. In the subsequently yr, Mackay moves assemblage’s principal inventory from Metropolis to Author, which was realized in Parade 1999.


SAB shifts its convergence from underdeveloped drugstores to the cosmos’s the majority mature customer base: the Collective States. In 2002, SAB acquired the Dramatist Brewing Friends, the native land’s younger maximal maker.

2005 – 2011

In 2005 SAB rapt into Somebody Usa with the aid the getting of Colombia’s Province S.A. In 2007 it acquired Country shaper Koninklijke Grolsch N.V and in 2008 it sorbed Moth Brewing Attendance with the U.S. vocation of Molson Coors, to form MillerCoors dive hazardous undertaking. In 2011, it acquired the Support’s Union in Land.


SABMiller says it second has 69,000 employees effective in surplus 80 countries, producing above 200 contrary beers.

(Dealing past Aastha Agnihotri in Bengaluru; Redaction close to Greg Mahlich)

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